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Conditions for renting / letting the houses / estate Löderups Äng in Löderup, Österlen, Skåne.

Obligations on our part as owner:
You will receive a written confirmation of your booking
We will send out booking documents in a timely manner (but not necessarily more than 30 days prior to the letting period) with details of where and when to collect the key
The description of the property must correspond with the description on the web. Please ensure that you receive written confirmation of any details that differs from general conditions and description.
You will be informed about any substantial changes which may affect your booking.
You will have access to the property from 3pm (15.00) of the first day of your letting period until 11am (11.00) of the last day of your letting period, unless otherwise agreed.
Subject to misprints in these webpages.

When does my booking become binding?
Both you, the tenant, and we, the letting agents, are bound by this agreement as soon as we have confirmed your booking in writing and you - upon receiving such confirmation – have paid the registration fee (or the full rent), however, 10 days after the booking at the latest. If the booking was made 21 days or less prior to the day of arrival, the booking is binding with immediate effect.

When do I have to pay?
If you book more than 40 days in advance the first installment is 20% of the rent. The first installment should be paid within 10 days from us sending the bookingconfirmation to you. The rest of the rent (80%) should be paid latest 40 days before day of arrival.
If you book less than 40 days prior to arrival, the entire rent is to be paid within 10 days from booking.
If you book less than 21 before arrival, the entire rent is to be paid to complete the booking.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?
If we do not receive your first installment on time, we have the right to cancel your booking. Should you fail to pay the remaining rent, this will be understood to be a cancellation on your part and the provisions regarding cancellation will apply.

What happens if I wish to cancel my booking?
You can give written or verbal notice to i-Strategi AB, 040-304980 / 0705-757317 / anders@sjoberg.com. Cancellation is not valid when done to anybody else. We are obliged to confirm your cancellation in writing.
If you cancel your booking more than 40 days before arrival, you only pay 20% of the rent (the first installment).
If you cancel 40-30 days before arrival, you have to pay 50 % of the rent.
If you cancel 29-0 days before arrival, you have to pay 90 % of the rent.
If you have already paid more than the obligatory charges, you will immediately receive the difference.

If we manage to find someone else to rent the cottage/apartment, we will reimburse you an amount equivalent to the rent paid by the new tenant.

What happens in case of illness or accident?
You can protect yourself against the cost of cancellation by taking out a cancellation insurance policy.

Tenant’s rights
Should we not be able to provide the property in the condition stated or at the right time, and cannot offer you a comparable alternative, you are entitled to terminate the tenancy agreement. In this case, we are obliged to give you a full refund of any sums paid to us by yourself, after deducting an amount equivalent to any benefit of the property you might have enjoyed.

Alternatively, instead of terminating the tenancy agreement, you may claim a deduction of rent. The letting agents or organizer responsible for the letting should be notified of any faults or defects existing at the beginning of your letting period as soon as possible, however, no later than 3 days following the beginning of the letting period. Any faults or defects arising during your stay, should be reported immediately to the letting agents in order to give them the opportunity to correct the defect(s). You are entitled to let someone else use the property in your place, and, unless there is particular reason to refuse, we must accept that person. You must notify us of such an event prior to the day of arrival. We will charge a re-booking fee of EUR 30,-.

Pets / smoking

Pets / Animals are not allowed.
Smoking is not allowed indoors.


We will not let to anyone below 21. Minimum of 4 persons must be of age 21 or older.

Tenant’s obligations You must look after the property with care and observe the house rules, instructions and any other regulations which may apply. You are liable for any damages to the property and the furnishings and fittings caused by your own negligence or the negligence of your travel companions.

The property must not be used for any other purposes than those defined in the booking documentation (normally, leisure purposes).

You must not allow a larger number of people stay in or on the let property overnight than stated by you at the time of the booking. Any other persons may be refused access. You must clean the property thoroughly before leaving, otherwise we will arrange for the cleaning to be carried out and charge the cost of this to you.

You must pay finalcleaning upon departure according to pricelist
Final cleaning is EUR 180 for the entire estate, when renting only one house the cost is EUR 120 for the main building, EUR 90 for the eastwing and EUR 60 for the westwing.

Electricity is paid upon departure according to actual consumption
Electricity will be charged accordning to consumption with the price of SEK 1.50/kWh. Valid on all rentals starting after 2009-10-01.

Kaution / Depostit
A deposit of EUR 500 is to be paid in cash to the keyholder. The deposit will be returned in full when returning the key, if the property is in the same order as on arrival.

War, natural disasters, strikes etc.
Both the tenant and the letting agents are entitled to withdraw from the tenancy agreement if the property becomes inhabitable because of acts of war, natural disasters, strikes, major interruptions to water or electricity supply, fire or any other comparable major events, which neither the tenant nor the letting agents could have foreseen or controlled. In such an event, we are obliged to give you a refund of any payment made to us by yourself, after deducting an amount equivalent to any benefit to the property you might have enjoyed.

What happens in the event of a disagreement?
VPlease address any complaints to us. Should we not be able to come to an agreement, you can report your complaints to "Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden". It consists of an impartial chairperson and representatives from travel agents and consumers. Your local consumer organisation will also be able to assist you. In the event of any disputes the Swedish original version of these conditions of contract shall prevail. We reserve the right to correct printing errors and any changes to VAT.

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