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pic1 Furnishing at Löderups Äng
All three buildings at Löderups Äng are furnished for a perfect stay, regardless if you stay three weeks or two nights. All beds (except for a bunk bed in Lillstugan and the spare beds) are real springbeds from Kinnabädden purchased 2007. Quilts and pillows are all made of downs and feathers. Other furnishings are a mix from the old farm (antique tables, chairs, lamps etc.) – but also modern furniture where needed to maximize comfort.
pic2 Kitchen and kitchen chinaware
Every house on the farm has enough kitchen chinaware, cutlery and glasses for the maximum of people in that house. The main house even has enough chinaware for 25 people. The china ware is older, of the brands Rörstrand and König & Löben. We have chosen to renew the equipment for cooking and the cutlery – a lot of this is modern. Our idea is that food is supposed to be easy and convenient to cook – but pleasant to eat. Naturally machinery needed to cook is also available. Klicka på See House information.
pic3 Other available equipment
To make your stay at Löderups Äng really nice we also have a total of 10 bikes at your disposal, wireless internet, a computer in the main house, TV in two houses, barbeque and garden furniture for all houses. The pool is of course available for all tenants.
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