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Gårdshuset Equipment in the Main Building
The main building is the biggest house and the centre of Löderups Äng. The ground floor consists mainly of social areas, but also a bedroom with two beds that would suit someone with difficulty walking in stairs etc. The second floor mainly consists of bedrooms. In this house you will find a big kitchen with a dining area. It has plates, cutlery, chairs and a table for up to 25 people. There are a total of ten sprung beds and the possibility of two spare beds, in other words, a maximum of twelve people can sleep in the main building. It also has two bathrooms with one shower each. The main building also has a dish- and washing facilities, as well as a big fridge and freezer. The furniture at the patio is suited for a maximum of twelve people.
Flygeln Equipment in the Wing
The east wing is the newly renovated house at the farm. The house has two furnished floors and the second floor consists of berths. This house has six sprung beds and a possibility for two spare beds. Dining area, kitchen, china ware etc. suited for a maximum of eight people. The wing has one toilet and shower. The wings patio has garden furniture for eight people.
Lillstugan Equipment in the small house
The small house is the western house, and is also the smallest and simplest. It has two sprung beds, and a bunk bed. It has a small kitchenette, toilet and shower. The dining area and china ware etc. are suited for a maximum of five people. The garden furniture at the patio is also suited for five people.
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