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pic1 Biking at Österlen
Österlen is perfect for biking with its open landscape, numerous views and a big network of tracks, either if you want to bike short rounds or make day trips. Why not take the bike to a café or for shopping.
pic2 10 bikes at your disposal
When you rent the whole farm there are 10 bikes for adults at your disposal. We also have a few babyseats to use. These can be used for shorter trips or down to the sea. Ale Stenar, Kåseberga, Sandhammaren, Dag Hammaskjölds Backåkra – all of this is located within four kilometres from Löderups Äng.
pic3 Living at Löderups Äng
If you live at Löderups Äng it is perfect for day trips on bikes. Later in the evening you can gather in the spacious kitchen / dining room and prepare a delicious dinner together.
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